Tour 2014 – Tuscany

Tuscany 2014

In 2014, by popular demand, the orchestra yet again travelled to Tuscany. We stayed in the spa town of Montecatini Terme and performed three concerts: in the San Domenico Cloisters in Prato, Lucca Cathedral and the Tettucio in Montecatini itself.

Here are some highlights from our 2014 tour as recalled by the players:

  • Meeting members of the orchestra and making new friends
  • Having Italian ice cream every day
  • Getting to know all the members better and playing altogether in beautiful venues. Stoneleigh has never felt more like a gigantic family!
  • The swimming pool! Water polo and human pyramids!
  • One of the highlights of the tour was busking in Lucca when everyone started singing outside the cathedral. It was amazing seeing all the talents that our friends had.
  • I loved performing in Lucca cathedral when there was an amazing ring at the end of the Dvorak.
  • I enjoyed playing in our first venue and experiencing the new acoustics.
  • I was amazed with the places we visited. I loved performing in Montecatini. Fantastic experience!
  • Getting caught in the storm in Pisa. Running under the pipe of rain and getting soaked!
  • Our last night in Montecatini when we all had a sugar rush and started singing and dancing down the street.
  • Had lots of fun in town and made new friends
  • “Sleepover” on last night when everyone else went out.
  • The rain interlude in the first concert. Playing in the wind and rain with the music going everywhere!
  • Watching Robert play mint golf on the coach and generally most of the time on the coach.
  • Following the teens to the bar and realizing you aren’t old enough
  • Jay and Lydia singing in front of Lucca cathedral Stoneleigh’s Got Talent; with salsa dancing
  • Integrating older, younger and guest members – everyone being friendly
  • Julian fending off the sellers in Pisa armed only with the register papers
  • Funicular train ride and views from the top of the hill in Montecatini Alto
  • Jazz concert on first night in Montecatini
  • Dan’s artistic fruit carving skills
  • 1am night rave on coach on trip back
  • Ted packing his drum kit over his concert shoes