Stoneleigh’s annual tour is a tradition that was instituted in 1977, when the orchestra went to the International Music Festival in Aberdeen during Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee Year. Former Prime Minister Edward Heath was one of the dignitaries who came to listen to the orchestra. Contacts made at the Festival led to an invitation to go on the first foreign tour in 1978 to Sweden.

Nowadays tour venues are carefully chosen and the schedules are planned to provide a balance between work and play, ensuring that there is also time for sightseeing, shopping and relaxing.

Tour Destinations

Stoneleigh’s most recent tour was to Ravenna, Italy, in 2023. In both 2021 & 2022 we were at Pangbourne College in the UK, due to Covid-19 restrictions. Prior to that we toured Spain in 2019. Past tours have taken the orchestra to Slovenia, Malta, Tuscany, Normandy, Arundel, Catalonia, Tuscany, Provence, Salzburg, Venice, Krakow, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, St Petersburg, Budapest and Barcelona.